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ShareYourNotes was established to build a community of educators and students in order to create a platform where they can share resources to help them succeed in their course work and exams. We are committed to making this platform an all-under-one roof center for educational resources that can help students as well as educators.

With thousands of research papers in the categories of topics that you will see on the homepage and more being added daily, we aim to exceed the expectations of teachers, tutors and students. Students can find many samples of essays to help them get started on theirs. We assure students that they will find an essay on any topic they want on ShareYourNotes, and if they do not, then we will not rest until we get it for them. We will continue adding resources, enhancing the site user’s experience.

We created this site with tutors and students in mind. That is why we made it simple and very user-friendly. For example, you will find all the resources clearly displayed on our homepage, and it is super easy to navigate to where you want to go.

Uploading content onto the site is also simple. On the dashboard, you will notice that there are only four tabs: Home, Advanced Search, My Dashboard and Upload Content. The “My Dashboard” tab will enable you to manage any files that you have uploaded as well as edit your profile. The “Advanced Search” tab lets you search for documents using keywords, a name, a category or even a description.

In every course for every subject, there is at least one very popular document that every student taking that course must read. Going by the statistics of how many times or how frequently a document has been downloaded or viewed, we will add it to the Popular Document tab at the bottom of the site, close to the footer. That way, you can get right to the documents that are most frequently viewed on the topic you are looking for.

ShareYourNotes is made for users to help one another to access resources that they need to pass their course work. Remember, you will have complete access to all of these resources without having to pay any fee.

Our mission
ShareYourNotes has just one mission, and that is to bring a huge collection of study material and resources together in one place so that we can help students and teachers save many hours that they would have used looking for the relevant material from the cluttered internet library. You will find the most up-to-date content and highly valuable resources that are relevant to your schoolwork. This is a fully-fledged knowledge seeking platform, a place where tutors and students of all levels can get the help that they so much need to succeed academically.

Our vision
The vision of ShareYourNotes is to bring together a comprehensive collection of free yet very high quality resources for students and educators. We believe that no one should have to peruse through old and irrelevant content on the web when they can find fresh and helpful content elsewhere. This is a platform of knowledge, and we believe that such knowledge should be free of charge. We hope to become a one-stop center for study resources that are recent and relevant for a wide range of topics and subjects.

You shall not pay for knowledge
Knowledge is a funny thing. Whether you get it for free or you pay for it, it is still valuable. On ShareYourNotes, we are dedicated to doing what many say is not possible: giving you knowledge free of charge. Therefore, you do not have to pay anything to access the educational resources on this website. We do have one requirement though, but a very simple one – kindly share your notes, essays and other study material too. That way, we keep this site alive and thriving with the most recent and relevant content, and we can help each other to succeed.

Find what you need easily and fast
We do not want to be like the internet archives where you spend precious hour after hour looking for the relevant content. ShareYourNotes saves you time. When you login to the site, you will find a button for “Advanced Searches”. This helps you find exactly what you are looking for fast. For example, you can use keywords, a description, a category and the popularity of a document to narrow your search. By popularity, we mean how recently and how frequently the document was searched for. You can search for the most popular of all time or the most popular in the last week, month or even year. When you land on the website, you will find that we have conveniently arranged the available documents by category. So, for example, all the documents for arts and music will be found under one category. Other categories include Business & Economics, English, History, Psychology, Social Issues, Science & Technology, and Shakespeare. Others may be uploaded under the Miscellaneous label. These are things to do with general knowledge. We also have a category for college admissions. What are colleges looking for? Are you ready for that college admission interview? What college should you select? We will help you answer these questions. Something for everyone ShareYourNotes has something for everyone, easily accessible from the homepage. And it is all free of charge.