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Hello and thank you so much for the Gig once again Please find below a multiple action point proposed strategy for you to take your crowdfunding campaign forward along with my proposed crowdfunding campaign pitch I hope that this helps you to successfully navigate the world of crowdfunding in order to obtain the funding that you need to put your project into practice If you have any doubts or any other questions please let me know and I will assist you in any way I can Best wishes Miggy The Platform and Funding TypeAfter reviewing the information that you have
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realized Status Normally when you going to upload a new video videos on the right column is not yours And the results is you lose views in next videos You ies susie ad o e ae goig do et Goals All related videos is yours and viewers gonna view more on your channel How o Let s add keo d tag that elusie ad uiu e ad ol ou hae it fo all o u ideos ad next new videos What is exclusive and unique keyword o You can use your own channel name Example My channel youtube is Youtube
Uploaded by: NoteHero, Date: 10/16/2016, Keywords: youtube, tips, tricks, views, subs

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